Johnny Depp’s Family ‘Hated’ Amber Heard During Marriage, And So She Shopped at Tiffany’s After Filing for Divorce

We all have our ways of coping.

Here’s the first rumor hot out of the oven immediately following Amber Heard’s divorce from Johnny Depp: the couple’s relationship failed because Depp’s family was far from being fans of his wife. Sources tell TMZ that Depp’s kids, his sisters, and his mom openly “hated” Heard because she would “treat him like crap.”

Allegedly, Depp’s recently-deceased mother, Betty Sue, felt that Heard was using her son for money and fame after witnessing their relationship first-hand when she moved into their home earlier this year. Mama Depp was also offended by the infrequency of her visits from Johnny after he got married to Heard 15 months ago.

“Our sources say Amber had 2 closed door sit-downs with Johnny’s mom after she moved in, and after both meetings Betty Sue railed on her daughter-in-law, calling her a ‘terrible person’,” writes the tabloid.

News broke of the couple’s divorce on Wednesday, May 25, only three days after Depp’s mother passed away. The couple did not have a prenup and Heard wants spousal support. Heard was spotted out in Los Angeles taking care of some retail therapy at Tiffany & Co. only one day after she filed for divorce. See the pictures of her coping over on