Kendall Jenner Admits to Stealing Certain Items from Her Siblings 

Kendall Jenner Holds Hands with Scott Disick in Cannes
Scott Disick is definitely still getting along with the Kardashians.

“I was the silent thief.”

Today, Kendall Jenner and her sisters regularly work with the world’s top designers for campaigns and fashion shows, and can get their hands on just about any item their hearts desire. But that wasn’t always the case. Before “Kardashian” was a household name, Kendall was much like most young girls, looking at the fashion world from afar. And that means she had to engage in some thievery to keep things interesting.

Now, she’s no criminal, but Kendall admitted that she’s done some stealing in the past…from her sister’s closets.

“Admission of guilt: I always used to steal clothes from Kylie when she was out of the house,” Kendall wrote on her personal site. “I’d wait until she’d go downstairs, and then I’d strike! She was the easiest target because we were the exact same size! (Also because, out of all my siblings, it made her the most upset!)”

The 20-year-old also revealed that her younger sister attempted to take clothes from her as well, but Kylie never quite mastered the skills it took to not get caught.

“Ky was actually the worst at taking clothes from me. I ALWAYS knew. The hangers would be messed up and she’d just leave messy evidence. I was the silent thief—very meticulous and neat, lol. When we would get mad at each other for it, we’d just pull everything the other owned off the hangers onto the floor. It was hilarious.”

However, not all her siblings minded someone rooting around in their clothes…

“Just so everyone knows, Khloé is the coolest ever about clothes. She couldn’t care less if we took them.”

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