Celebuzz’d Episode 013: …Kesha Can Sing?

This just in: Pop stars have talent.

Three poignant happenings in Hollywood this week define the beginning of an era where celebrities are indulging in a singular, unique defiance that has long been surpassed since the age of The Golden Girls. First, Kim Kardashian decided that she has evolved beyond the point of needing to kontour her face every time she needs to Snapchat. Then, Gwen Stefani was so swept up in performing with the Sonny to her Cher, Blake Shelton, at the Billboard Music Awards that she forgot her lipstick and everyone confused her for a backup dancer. On the very same night, Kesha took the stage to give the performance that was almost banned by Dr. Luke and Kemosabe Records on speculation that she was going to address their legal battle directly through song, and something magical transpired. We heard Kesha, really heard her, without the autotune and without Flo Rida spinning us “right round.”

She forewent the glittered lightening bolt over her eye, glowing in natural makeup that reminded us that behind her neon veil exists a talented artist. Though her performance of Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me, Babe” was likely a forced derivative of her original song selection, she soared above Ben Folds’ violin to deliver every bit of heart in tribute to one of her most beloved artists. All of this leads us to question, “Is returning to natural talent becoming a trend?”

We applaud Kesha’s artistic emergence from the ropes that tie her down to a contract with a man who allegedly sexually assaulted her during and after the BBMAs on this week’s episode of Celebuzz’d with Idolator’s Editor-in-Chief, Robbie Daw. Mia Lardiere and Matt Russoniello also deconstruct the criticism of Madonna’s Prince tribute and celebrate five whole years of Lady Gaga’s monumental album, Born This Way. Read both of our sites’ features on Queen Gaga here and here.

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