Instant Follow Friday: Joe Jonas and DNCE Get Us in the Mood for Summer Like No Other

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And no, it’s not just because their band’s name makes us wanna dance drunk.

Simply put, DNCE (comprised of frontman Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee) have a lot of charisma. Their music is fun and flirty, with their songs providing the perfect soundtrack for your summer barbecues and partying by the beach sessions.

Forming in late 2015, DNCE released their first hit single “Cake By the Ocean” in September, followed by their debut extended play Swaay on October 23. The four-song album includes the eclectic aforementioned single as well as “Toothbrush” (seriously get past the silly title and premise of the song because it’s actually the cutest), the happy-go-lucky “Pay My Rent,” and the slower-paced but quirky “Jinx.”

The music video for their second single “Toothbrush” came out last week, starring Jonas and the impossibly beautiful Ashely Graham as his love interest. Maybe it’ll inspire you to turn your summer fling into a forever romance.

On starring in DNCE’s video and kissing Jonas, Graham gushed:

I knew that putting me in the music video was going to get some buzz, but I had no idea the buzz it was really going to bring. I applaud DNCE for making that statement that love comes in all shapes and sizes and I think it’s really important to talk about. I think it’s important to showcase what a real relationship might look like on camera.

…Joe was good. It was fun and we made it really easy. He’s so professional. He’s so great and a little cutie patootie.

After going on their Greatest Tour Ever tour in November 2015, DNCE joined Selena Gomez‘s Revival tour as her opening act.

Jonas and Lawless were originally roommates, and came up with the idea to start a band years ago. Ultimately they had to put their plans on pause due to their busy schedules, but alas we’re happy they’ve finally formed a union alongside Lee and Whittle.

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Amazingly, here’s how they came up with the name DNCE: they told iHeartRadio, “There was a song that one day we were writing in the studio, and an idea for a song pretty much [came about] where you’re too drunk to spell dance, but you still get down. That’s where it started. It just kind of describes the imperfect awesome[ness] of the four of us together.”

See the best of Joe Jonas’ Instagram, featuring tons of behind-the-scenes photos of DNCE and his ever-changing hair color, in the gallery above. 

And listen to Swaay to death this summer in anticipation of their debut studio album, which is expected to be released later this year in August.