A ‘Very Single’ Nick Jonas Embraces Summer for ‘EW’, Reveals He Feared Losing Demi Lovato to Drugs

Nick Jonas on Olivia Culpo Split
'It Was the Most Meaningful Relationship I’ve Ever Been In'

Nick Jonas opens up about the “meltdown” Demi Lovato had a couple of years back, gets wet for Entertainment Weekly, and clarifies his relationship status with rumored loves Lily Collins and Kate Hudson.

The 23-year-old, who’s EW’s latest cover star, is currently on tour with Lovato, and commented on her past struggles with depression, drugs, eating disorders and self-harm that ultimately led her to check into rehab in 2010 after punching her backup dancer. He explained:

It’s been years of working on herself and getting better, but she’s amazing—and a better singer, too, because she’s healthy. But I was genuinely concerned that I might lose my friend.

And what was so hard is that when she really had her big meltdown while we were on tour years ago, I talked to her and was just like, ‘Look, I see something’s happening.’ But you have to let someone make that choice themselves. It’s a journey, you know? And it still is.

Nick added that he’s never struggled with addiction, possibly due to the fact that he lives with diabetes but also because he’s always been under pressure to maintain his image:

I never struggled with addiction on any level, which I think probably stems from living with diabetes. I’m not saying that I haven’t had one too many drinks one night, but I think the thing that was most challenging for me was applying a lot of pressure to myself and trying to maintain a real image of perfection, which is so impossible. And we did have a lot of pressure on us to maintain that image…

nick jonas entertainment weekly cover
CREDIT: Tony Kelly/Entertainment Weekly

As for his childhood ex Miley Cyrus, Jonas confessed:

I don’t have a relationship with her now really, but that’s not because we have any bad blood—we just sort of run in different circles.

It’s pretty great, because I love ‘Wrecking Ball’ so much. I still think its one of the best pop songs of the last 10 years. And you know, she’s always been outspoken and authentic to who she is, so it was only a matter of time before she really owned that, and I’m proud of her…It’s a lot like watching your high school crush do well, just on a bigger scale.

And, what everyone wants to know – is Nick dating Kate Hudson or not? What about those reports he was dating Lily Collins? – Nick commented to The Sun that he went on a couple of dates with Collins, Daily Mail reports.

We went out a couple of times. She is amazing.

I’ve enjoyed meeting different people and spending time with people with all the cards on the table. All people need human interaction at some level. And at my age too, dating is important, getting to know yourself by meeting different people, seeing what it’s all about.

Of course, Jonas clarified on Twitter that he’s very much single, and that he hates “when liberties are taken for headlines.”

nick jonas entertainment weekly cover
CREDIT: Tony Kelly/Entertainment Weekly

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