The Home from ‘Full House’ Is for Sale and Is Unbelievable Inside! 

The Tanner house is on the market in San Francisco!

If you’re a child of the ‘80s or ‘90s then the front facade of this Victorian home is unmistakable, and now it can be yours! There’s just one catch…the Full House home has a price that will make you say, “Have mercy!”

The 3,125-square-foot, three-bedroom, four-bathroom 19th century structure is on the market for a whopping $4,150,000, according to

The Tanner House Is for Sale

But one peek inside this lavish home and you’ll understand why that price tag is so damn long. Boasting high ceilings, an updated kitchen and a breathtaking garden, this pop culture landmark has plenty of reasons to demand a fuller wallet than most.

Do yourself a favor and peruse the gallery above!