Amber Heard’s Lawyers Deny Claims That She Is Blackmailing Johnny Depp, Explain Why She Did Not File a Police Report

Amber Heard Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Depp
Claims that she was domestically abused during their relationship

Amber Heard’s lawyers refuse to stand by idly amid heavy allegations.

Peter Sample, the actress’s lawyer, wrote a letter to TheWrap in response to their publishing of a guest column from comedian Doug Stanhope that claimed that Heard is blackmailing her estranged husband, Johnny Depp, and lying about domestic abuse. Sample says that the “allegations against Ms. Heard are absolutely and unequivocally false,” and that Stanhope’s letter “has no basis in reality and is nothing but the typical celebrity muckraking for profit.” Heard’s lawyer demanded that TheWrap retracts the article, calling the allegations “defamatory” and “outrageous.”

As previously reported, Stanhope asserts in his letter that Depp “got used, used, manipulated, set up and made to look like an asshole.”

“But he opened up in the most vulnerable of ways that it was not only his mother but that Amber was now going to leave him, threatening to lie about him publicly in any and every possible duplicitous way if he didn’t agree to her terms,” Stanhope writes in his column. “Blackmail is what I would imagine other people might put it, including the manner in which he is now being vilified.”

Heard filed for divorce from Depp on May 25 and requested a temporary restraining order from the Pirates of the Caribbean star claiming in court that she was a victim of his repeated domestic violence.

Another member of Heard’s legal counsel explains that she did not file a police report after Depp assaulted her with an iPhone in order “to protect her privacy and Johnny’s career,” according to a report from TMZ. Attorney Samantha Spector says that Heard tried to keep the incident “as private as possible,” but media reports have forced her to tell her own story. “Amber can no longer endure the relentless attacks and outright lies launched against her character,” says Spector. “We took the high road.”

The attorney states that LAPD cops did observe injuries to Heard’s body — despite previous reports that suggest otherwise – and that she “has suffered through years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of Johnny.” Spector adds,  “Amber is the victim. Amber is a hero.”