Kim Kardashian Adds News Kimojis to Her App, Including Ones with Kanye and North West

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Can we just admit this is a little frightening?

Kim Kardashian may have too much time on her hands. Since launching her app in December 2015, she has been adding more Kimojis, mostly of her and her butt. On Wednesday, though, she debuted a few featuring her famous family.

There are ones of Kim’s hubby, Kanye West:

So many new good Kimojis launching tomorrow!

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And a few of her 2-year-old daughter, North:


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Kim’s little sister, Kylie Jenner, is also getting a winking Kimoji:

Kylie said on her website, “I seriously love KIMOJIS! They’re so cute and make my texts so much fun. That’s why I’m excited Kim added a ton more for summer! Obviously, I can’t wait to use the KIMOJI of my face, lol.” Okay, we admit this one is kind of hilarious.

Naturally, there are more of Kim, too, including animated ones of her posterior… oh, my:

The New Kimoji are out today! Download them now at the App Store!

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For your Kimoji fix, go to iTunes app store.