Celebuzz Cocktail Hour: Spring Pear Cocktail from Wildhawk’s Jacques Bezuidenhout

Who is ready for a refreshing summer cocktail?

This week we have one of the most unique cocktails that we’ve featured yet — a refreshing pear cocktail just introduced at San Francisco’s newly opened Wildhawk.

Created by Jacques Bezuidenhout, a partner at Forgery and Wildhawk, and recently a judge for both the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and the Liquor.com Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience, the La Poire cocktail combines the distinct flavors of dry French vermouth and pear liqueur to create a one-of-kind sipper that can be easily enjoyed on a warm night.

La Poire by Jacques Bezuidenhout, Wildhawk

La Poire by Jacques Bezuidenhout, Wildhawk

2 oz La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Extra-Dry
½ oz Mathilde Pear liqueur
½ oz Lemon juice
2 Dashes Orange bitters
Club Soda
Lemon wheel & Rosemary sprig for garnish

Build in a highball glass with ice. Stir to mix ingredients. Garnish with lemon wheel and a sprig of rosemary.

Doesn’t that sound totally delicious?

La Poire by Jacques Bezuidenhout, Wildhawk

The La Quintinye Vermouth Royal used in this cocktail is a French vermouth named after Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinye, royal botanist to King Louis XIV at Palace of Versailles in the early 1660s. It is crafted from white wines from South West of France, Pineau des Charentes – a renowned fortified wine made by mixing fresh grape juice and Cognac from a single estate – and a composition of 27 carefully curated botanicals including wormwood, vine flowers, cinnamon, ginger, licorice, and nutmeg among many others. Fresh and lively with notes of citrus, it gives La Poire a pleasant floral quality.

Please remember to drink responsibly, and do not drink and drive!