Johnny Depp Parties Until 4 a.m. After Hollywood Vampires Concert in Denmark 

Amber Heard Doesn't 'Want to Bury' Johnny Depp
Amber Heard is not going through with her promise to belatedly file a police report.

Although his personal life is in tatters, the Alice Through the Looking Glass actor seems to be enjoying the nightlife in Europe.

Johnny Depp is on the road with his band the Hollywood Vampires, and during a recent stop in Horsen, Denmark the actor mingled with locals until the wee hours of the morning.

“[Johnny] spent the night drinking with the bar staff and the local customers until 4 a.m.,” a source told People. “He was in a good mood and they all had a big Danish party.”

The 52-year-old movie star reportedly appeared calm and jovial as he drank with locals outside a hotel bar.


“He only had three to four vodka-and-tonics and basically wound down from the gig,” a second source relayed to People. “It was a relatively quiet night and Johnny was happy and relaxed.”

The Daily Mail has photos of the night’s festivities including Depp socializing with a blonde woman who was drinking from a champagne bottle. Depp was also photographed holding the champagne bottle.

Last week, Depp’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Amber Heard was granted a temporary restraining order against him. The court ruling came not long after photos surfaced of Heard’s face covered in bruises, which she alleges are the result of Depp smashing an iPhone into her face.