Johnny Depp’s Assistant Claims Texts Were Doctored 

2014 Texts Reportedly from Amber Heard Shed Light on Volatile Relationship with Johnny Depp: ‘He’s Done This Many Times’
Never-before-seen text messages have surfaced detailing Johnny Depp’s violent, erratic behavior.

The movie star’s assistant is standing by his boss.

Stephen Deuters, the longtime assistant to Johnny Depp, has come forward to discredit the validity of some troubling text messages that ET released recently.

Their source claims Deuters was having a conversation with Depp’s now-estranged wife Amber Heard the morning after a violent incident. The discussion includes some unnerving passages, including this one reportedly from Deuters:

“When I told him he kicked you, he cried. It was disgusting. And he knows it.”

Depp’s assistant told TMZ that the text messages have been doctored. He says he’s not aware of Heard suffering any abuse at the hands of Depp. Deuters also finds the lack of a date on the texts to be suspicious.

When and if this case makes its way to court, Deuters has made it clear that he is willing to testify that he never spoke with Heard about any abuse.