Josh Hutcherson Making His Directorial Debut with ‘Ape’ 

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The young heartthrob is going behind the camera for his next gig!

Josh Hutcherson is taking over directing duties for the short film Ape, according to Variety. The new film is part of an incubator project Hutcherson joined that aims to green light the best unproduced screenplays that focus on characters in their late teens and early 20s. The scripts are submissions from the Black List, a survey of popular scripts that haven’t been made.

Ape centers on a schizophrenic young man who combats hallucinations that dominated his childhood. The Hunger Games actor will also star in the short film.

The harrowing tale is just one of five scripts the incubator, a project facilitated by Indigenous Media and Condé Nast Entertainment, aims to produce. The goal is to screen the shorts and rely on audience reactions and subsequent funding to get feature films made.

This sounds like an exciting step for the young star!