This Is What Khloé Kardashian Keeps in Her Medicine Cabinet

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This Is What Khloé Kardashian Keeps in Her Baking Cabinet
Who knew Khloé Kardashian had such a sweet tooth?

If you thought her fridge and pantry were fully stocked, wait until you see what Khloé Kardashian has in her medicine cabinet.

Once again, the reality star is opening up the doors to her home again. In a new video shared on her app, the 31-year-old takes fans through the contents of her toiletry cupboard, showing those who are curious exactly what she uses when to get so fresh and so clean.

As Kardashian admits, she basically has an entire CVS at her disposal.

khloe kardashian medicine cabinet

“I have everything in excess,” she confesses, opening the doors to shelves of plastic containers filled to the brim with deodorant, shampoos, and hairspray. “I’ve labeled everything. I have everything in their boxes.”

“I love to have anything and everything because I don’t want anybody to ever come to my house and for me to not have what they need,” she explains. “If there were an earthquake … come on over to Koko’s house because I will have anything you need!”

Here are just some of the bathroom products we spotted on her house tour:


khloe kardashian medicine cabinet