Johnny Depp’s ‘Mystery Blonde’ Tells Her Side of the Story 

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The 'Mystery Blonde' Poses for a Photo with Johnny Depp
CREDIT: Tina Deleuran
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The woman seen drinking and mingling with the Alice Through the Looking Glass actor sets the record straight!

Recently, photos surfaced featuring Johnny Depp drinking with locals after his band, the Hollywood Vampires, played a show in Denmark. A mysterious, attractive blonde woman was fairly prominent among the revelry. At one point, she shared a bottle of champagne with the world-famous actor. These photos were published just days after news of Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce and reports of domestic violence broke.

Well, E! News spoke with the woman, whose name Tina Deleuran. She’s a makeup artist and hairstylist, and this is what she had to say about her brush with fame.

“I had just come from a concert, my friend Robert had played a gig. It was around 1:30 a.m.,” Deleuran explained. “We were sitting having a beer when we noticed him and his friends. We were like, ‘Wow, Johnny Depp is here.'”

“We all started talking and eventually we went outside with them,” she said of Depp and his friends. “He had a bottle of champagne. He shared it with us and he rolled out a cigarette that he shared with me. Amazing, right?”

She also made it clear that the 52-year-old actor drank, but not to excess.

Depp “didn’t drink that much,” said Deleuran. “I don’t know, maybe two beers and a gin and tonic. And then a sip of the champagne.” Depp and his entourage left at “maybe around 3 a.m.” He “made up his own mind to leave. I think he was tired after the gig.”

As for the controversy regard Depp’s divorce back in the states, the actor was mum on the topic. Depp “didn’t talk about it at all,” said Deleuran.