Here’s What Critics Are Saying About ‘Me Before You’ 

Out This Weekend: ‘Me Before You’
Here’s all the info on this brand-new romance!

Want to see this new tearjerker? Take a look at the reviews first.

This weekend, Me Before You is bowing at multiplexes across the U.S. featuring the rising starlet Emilia Clarke and the ever-charming Sam Claflin in a love story trying with all its might to give you the feels.

It has a hopeless guy and a plucky, adorable girl; there’s English castles and it certainly appears to have a sense of humor, but is it worth paying full price to see?

Here’s what the experts think…

“A recent screening of Me Before You concluded with audible sniffles and even a sob or two. Why not gales of laughter or quiet snores? These are the mysteries that trouble a critic’s uneasy mind.”

-A.O. Scott [New York Times]

“The filmmakers seem to have missed an opportunity to deal in a sophisticated way with a thorny, important subject. Still, you’ll probably cry anyway. It’s that kind of film.”

-Jocelyn Noveck [Associated Press]

“Forget art, or even craft: This is the kind of movie that can’t even get its shameless audience-pandering in order.”

-Alonso Duralde [The Wrap]

“Far too much of this high-gloss tearjerker proceeds as a by-the-numbers romantic fantasy, nudging the viewer every step of the way.”

-Sheri Linden [Hollywood Reporter]

“Clarke has loads of talent, but in Me Before You she’s undermined by director Sharrock’s technique, and an endless slew of overeager reaction shots.”

-Michael Phillips [Chicago Tribune]

“A sob story that averts its eyes when things get uncomfortable about the tangle of sex and frustration. Still, you can’t blame audiences for being seduced by two shining young stars.”

-Peter Travers [Rolling Stone]