Who Should Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid Date Now That They’re Single?

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Split
Taylor Swift isn't the only single gal these days

The squad leader has spoken: this is the summer of singlehood.

In case you didn’t know, that’s Taylor Swift calling out to her ranks that she and boyfriend of 15 months Calvin Harris are dunzo – and yesterday, Gigi Hadid seemingly followed suit as it was announced she and BF of 7 months Zayn Malik had split.

Long list of ex-lovers or not, it’s very possible that Swift and Hadid want to just stay single for a while and that’s totally chill. But who knows? Hollywood is a small world, and anything can happen. All we’re saying is down the line, we think maybe these are some people they might enjoy dating.

Taylor Swift & Leonardo DiCaprio

taylor swift leonardo dicaprio dating new boyfriend
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She’s at the top of the music game. He’s at the top of the movie game. Match made in heaven? Likely not, since Leonardo DiCaprio exclusively dates models. But we like to imagine them as the perfect, unexpected fling.

Gigi Hadid & Drake

gigi hadid drake dating new boyfriend 2016

They would be just about be the hottest couple alive. And since Hadid is known for dating musicians (Cody Simpson, Joe Jonas, and lastly Zayn Malik), Drake wouldn’t be an unexpected departure from her “type” not to mention the fact that he’s definitely a couple of grades (times 100) above the rest (his new album Views debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200, sold over 1 million units in its first week – the biggest sale since Adele’s 1.19 million for 25, and achieved over 245 million streams, more than previous record 115.2 million by Beyoncé).

Taylor Swift & Orlando Bloom

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We know, this one is full of bad blood. Orlando Bloom technically isn’t single right now (shout out to his bae, Swift’s arch nemesis Katy Perry), but we can’t deny the possibility that one day sparks might fly between him and Swift. It wouldn’t be the first time Perry and Swift have had a mutual romance. Speaking of…

Taylor Swift & John Mayer

taylor swift john mayer dating new boyfriend
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Is a future reconciliation with John Mayer kind of, maybe inevitable?

Gigi Hadid & Lewis Hamilton

gigi hadid lewis hamilton dating new boyfriend

Lewis Hamilton is just too cute and is already sort of embedded into Gigi’s fashion crew: he’s friends with Hadid’s bff Kendall Jenner, goes to all of the biggest fashion events (from fashion week shows to Cannes to the Met Gala), and has on-point street style and red carpet style to boot.

Taylor Swift & Prince Harry

taylor swift prince harry dating new boyfriend

Since Taylor Swift is becoming some sort of music royalty herself, we don’t see why she and actual royalty aren’t in the cards. Her music is all about finding her Prince Charming anyways (“White Horse,” “Love Story,” et cetera). Prince Harry does have a thing for blondes, after all.

Gigi Hadid & G-Eazy

gigi hadid dating g-eazy new boyfriend

G-Eazy is exactly Hadid’s type: cute, stylish, and musical. We think they look nice together, don’t you?

Taylor Swift & Sam Hunt

taylor swift sam hunt dating new boyfriend

Swift did get her start as a country music singer, and Sam Hunt is definitely on the up and up in the country music world. The 31-year-old isn’t your average cowboy hat-wearing country singer, and knows how to rock a stylish suit on the red carpet. The past year has been big award show year for Hunt, grabbing noms for Best Country Album and Best New Artist at the Grammys and much more. Swift and Hunt would definitely be a musical power couple, she in pop (with country capabilities) and he in country.

Gigi Hadid & Nick Jonas

gigi hadid nick jonas dating new boyfriend

This would probably make Thanksgiving dinner really awkward for his older brother Joe…but Hadid and Nick Jonas seem kind of perfect for one another.

Taylor Swift & Michael B. Jordan

taylor swift michael b jordan dating new boyfriend

Dare we say Michael B. Jordan is the best dressed man in Hollywood right now? Certainly, he’s the most handsome. He would look fantastic next to Swift at the various music award shows, and she would in turn look stunning at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, et cetera.

Taylor Swift & Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid taylor swift dating friends girlfriends

Weirder things have happened than two best friends falling in love and dating…and we’d totally ship “Tigi” or (the amazing one) “Gaylor.”


Check out the gallery above to see more potential matches for Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid!