‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: Someone We Know and Love Returns

'Game of Thrones' Recap: A Beloved Character Meets Their End
They are always saying no one is safe on Game of Thrones, but this death has us reeling a little bit

Well, we sort of begrudgingly love this Game of Thrones character – you can’t help yourself. [SPOILERS AHEAD]. 

Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode, titled “The Broken Man,” opens with a small group of people building a sept somewhere in a Westeros valley, as one man (Ian McShane) leads them. We zero in on one particular worker, and right away , we see the burn scars on the side of his face and head – it’s The Hound and HE’S ALIVE!

Here’s the thing on GoT, if it we don’t actually see you die – like watch your head being cut off, or your body being riddled with arrows, or your throat cut – then you quite possibly could still be alive. And even if we do see you die (Jon Snow), you could still come back. So, when the Hound was left for dead by Arya in Season 4, after battling with Brienne and falling several hundred feet off a cliff, there stood the possibility he made it.

Sure enough, he did. Ian McShane’s character, a spiritual man named Brother Ray who guides his small pocket of hippie-types, found Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, near death, body broken, flies swarming. Ray tells the Hound how he marveled at his sheer will to live. Hound just shrugs it off, saying, “I’m a big fucker and I’m tough to kill,” but he’s happy to be alive and content to work and live with these people – at least for the time being. When three men ride up from the Brotherhood without Banners and basically tells them to watch out because the “night is dark and full of terrors,” Hound warns the man that they might come back to do more harm. Ray chooses to believe in the good in man. Sigh.

Hound is, of course, right. As he is off in the woods, gathering as much firewood as he can, he hears screaming and rushes to find the group all dead, including Ray, who has been strung up. Well, this type of thing just adds fuel to Hound’s fire. He grabs an axe and heads out.

Yay, the Hound is back — but wonder if he’s going to meet Arya again? Methinks yes.

Here’s what else happened:


– In King’s Landing, Maergery is still playing the faithful servant to the High Sparrow. He wants to know why Maergery hasn’t had sex with Tommen since being “saved.” She says she doesn’t have those desires anymore, but he says she must to produce an heir. Then he threatens to jail her grandmother, Olenna, if Maegery can’t get her to find the True Light. Maergery meets with Olenna, along with her constant companion Septa Unella, and the queen tries to reason with Olenna, who just can’t believe her granddaughter has drunken the Kool-Aid. Finally, Maergery leans in close to her grandmother and tells her to go home, all while slipping Olenna a small note. The note has a hand-drawn picture of a rose, which basically tells Olenna that Maergery is indeed playing the game. Whew. We knew Maergery was too smart to succumb to religious fervor.

Preparing to leave, Olenna chastises Cersei for bringing all this on them. “I wonder if you’re the worst person I’ve ever met,” muses Olenna. Cersei replies, “You love your granddaughter, I love my son. We need to defend them.” Nope. Elder Tyrell is leaving, and is taking great pleasure in knowing that Cersei has nothing left.


Cut to Jamie riding with Bronn and the Lannister army to Riverrun to take it back from Blackfish Tully. When they get there, they see that the Freys have Edmure Tully and they’re going to kill him if Blackfish doesn’t yield. The elder Tully doesn’t really care about Edmure, but Jamie does and saves Edmure. Jamie is a little appalled at the state of things, and takes over the command, much to the Freys’ chagrin. Jamie and Blackfish have a civilized conversation about who should have the castle, but Blackfish is not backing down. He will hole up in the castle for two years if he has to.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow, Sansa and Ser Davos continue their quest to recruit more men of the North to fight for Winterfell. First, it’s the rest of the Wildlings. Jon explains the Boltons, Crasters and whoever will come after the Wildlings after they are done with Jon. They must join forces. The giant says he’ll fight for Snow – and then the Free Folk say they will, too. Jon asks Tormund, “Will they be there for us?” He responds, “We aren’t clever like you Southerners. When we say we’ll do something, we do it.”


Next is Bear Island. House Mormont (Jorah’s people) will fight with them, but unfortunately, they only have 62 men in total. Guess it’s better than nothing. But not everyone is on board. Next on the list is House Glover, who won’t fight for the Starks, especially if there are Wildlings involved. Sansa reminds him its the house’s duty to follow the Starks, but Glover says the Starks weren’t there when the Ironborn took their castle and threw his wife and children in prison. Door slam! This isn’t working out the way Sansa had hoped, so we see her somewhat reluctantly writing a letter. How much you want to guess she is writing to Lord Baelish and accepting his offer to have the Vale army join their cause?

Following up with Theon and Yara Greyjoy, they are in the brothel and it’s kind of bothering Theon, for obvious reasons (remember what Ramsay Bolton cut off?) Yara wants her real brother to finally show up and for him to stop being a snively wretch. She needs him to be strong again. They are going to sail to Mereen, make a pact with the Dragon Queen and take back the Iron Islands. He’s with her.

And finally, Arya. She’s a Stark again, and she’s going to get the hell out of Braavos. Not if Waif has anything to do with it. She shows up disguised as an old woman and stabs Arya several times. Not dead, though, nope. Arya manages to escape, and we’re left with her walking through the streets, bleeding, with no one helping her. Again, what’s the bet Lady Crane from the theater troupe will find Arya and help her?

Let’s see if we’re right next week.