This Is How Stephen Amell Feels About Drake Calling Himself the ‘6 God’

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Finally, our two favorite Canadians made music together.

Shade alert!

Arrow star Stephen Amell is definitely not Drake’s biggest fan. The actor sat down with Larry King on Larry King Now, where he shared his feelings about how the rapper refers to himself as the “6 God.” He even offered his own theory about how Drake gets away with some of the things he says.

Drake just tries things,” the actor explained. “Whether it be calling himself the ‘6 God’ or rapping about fighting with a girl at Cheesecake Factory, he just does stuff and says to his buddies, look what I’m gonna try. [He] sees what he can get away with.”

He kind of has a point, but that’s no reason to hate on his fellow Canadian. Maybe Amell (who is also from Toronto, Canada) is jealous that Drake claimed the “6 God” name first.

Besides his interview with King, this isn’t the first time Amell has subtly thrown shade at the “One Dance” singer. When his album, Views, came out the actor tweeted about it.

Watch Amell’s interview with King below.