‘Homeland’ Season Six Will Feature Female President-Elect 

Well, this sounds familiar…

Actress Claire Danes and executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter revealed during a Q&A on Tuesday that the upcoming season of Homeland is going to prominently feature a female president-elect in the midst of a tumultuous transition from election to inauguration.

However, this character is reportedly not a fictionalized Hillary Clinton. Instead, the newcomer is more of a “composite of all different candidates,” said Danes, via Variety.

The show’s star also shared that this new powerful female Commander-in-Chief could be an ally for her character. The president-elect “challenges the norms (and) is a little scary for that reason,” Danes said. Then added, “She gets along with Carrie Mathison pretty well.” Does this mean that Mathison will once again have a post with the government?

Head over to Variety for more highlights from the discussion.