Just Trailers: New International ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Collide’ and More! 

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Who doesn’t love trailers!? Lucky for you, we’ve gathered up the newest clips for loads of new movies and TV shows.There’s new stuff from Nicholas Hoult, Aaron Eckhart and Jerry Seinfeld. So find a snack and a comfy chair and take a peek at what’s coming soon!


Aaron Eckhart stars in this supernatural horror flick about an unorthodox exorcist who must face his most terrifying case: a demon that has taken possession of a nine-year-old boy. Carice van Houten (the red woman from Game of Thrones) co-stars.

Incarnate opens on Sept. 30, 2016.


The newest international trailer for this highly-anticipated remake offers load of new gags, including Leslie Jones running from a possessed mannequin. There’s also a giant, not-so-marshmallow-y ghost stomping through New York. No matter what, it looks better than the first trailer!

The new Ghostbusters film arrives on July 15, 2016.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Season eight of Jerry Seinfeld’s Crackle show returns this month with another crop of insanely famous comics including Judd Apatow, Margaret Cho, John OliverLorne Michaels and more. The trailer alone features Apatow’s un-sexiness, Michaels’ super-dry wit and, of course, tons of classic cars and java.

The new season arrives June 16, 2016.


Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones star in a new action film about a boyfriend attempting to pay his girlfriend’s medical bills by pulling off a dangerous drug heist abroad. The clip features plenty of car chases and threatening language. Also, both Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley play villainous eccentrics, though it’s difficult to guess which is truly the bad guy.

Collide arrives August 19, 2016.