The 8 Best New Songs of the Week: Nick Jonas, Angel Olsen, Rihanna, Bat for Lashes, and More

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So much new music is released each week that it’s impossible to hear it all. Not that you’d want to; a lot of it isn’t so hot. But let us help simplify your search for new sounds with a roundup of the week’s seven best new songs. Trust us. We have good taste. (And check out last week’s collection if your hunger has still not been sated.)

Nick Jonas – “Bacon”


Who knew that the cure for Nick Jonas’ broken heart would be bacon? The mid-tempo cut (arguably his best since “Jealous“), which features a verse by Ty Dolla $ign, is the latest single off of Jonas’s to-be-released sophomore solo album, Last Year Was Complicated. Thankfully, Jonas avoids any frying pan innuendos in “Bacon.” Jonas croons about being able to stay out late whenever he wants, being able to go out whenever he wants to go out and being able to wake up whenever he wants. No word on if the song is FDA approved or not, but it is definitely Celebuzz approved. – Michael

Bat For Lashes – “Joe’s Dream”

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing Bat For Lashes bring her new album, The Bride, to life on stage in Brooklyn. She performed most of the album, out July 1, along with a number of older songs and fan favorites. “Joe’s Dream” was one of several unreleased-at-the-time songs from The Bride, and a highlight overall. Good news: a few days later, the studio version became available as yet another pre-album-release single. Last week’s concert was put on in partnership with The David Lynch Foundation, which is fitting because “Joe’s Dream” is probably the most Lynchian song ever recorded that wasn’t intended for use in a Lynch project. Over soft synths and watery guitars, Natasha Kahn (the real woman behind the Bat For Lashes moniker) coos lyrics like “He saw angels at his bedroom door / and a body on a checkered floor / there was lightning in his black leather / and it struck out his name.” It’s the kind of thing that makes a listener want to slow dance with Donna Hayward at The Roadhouse as owls hoot outside in the trees. – Matt

Mike Will Made-It and Rihanna – “Nothing Is Promised”

I wasn’t expecting yet another banger from Rihanna this year, so imagine my surprise when she (+ Mike Will Made-It) released a hit just in time for summer. Like their previous collab “Pour It Up,” it’s perfectly upbeat and life-giving. – Kaitlyn

Nelly Furtado – “Feel So Close” (Calvin Harris Cover)

Just the other day I was wondering where Nelly Furtado went. “Did she and Michelle Branch ‘Thelma and Louise’ themselves out of the early millennium? Or did she take her hit too seriously and actually fly away like a bird?” It’s so nice to hear Furtado again on a song to which we’re already accustomed, making the transition back into her sound a smooth crossover that will hopefully lead to some new original music. Bring on the hits girl; our love for you is true (woo-woo-woo). – Mia

Angel Olsen – “Intern”

I don’t remember how I discovered Angel Olsen; I just remember that, somehow, I did, and that in doing so I became enamored with her last album, Burn Your Fire for No Witness. “Intern” is the first track taken from her new album, My Woman, and though it’s somewhat of a sonic departure from lo-fi, folky songs like “Unfucktheworld,” her powerful voice — which, along with her songwriting skills, is the driving force of her appeal for me — is still there and still as powerful as ever. – Matt

Blink-182 – “Rabbit Hole”

Regardless if this is some Tom DeLonge shade or not, this track is infectious. Detailing the trials and tribulations of a toxic relationship, the song has everything you like about Blink: frenetic guitars, catchy chorus, and a few swear words thrown in here and there. It makes me feel like I’m a 13-year-old at Warped Tour again. See you in the pit, boys! - Gabi

The Kills – “Desperado” (Rihanna Cover)

The Kills just released their fifth album, Ash & Ice, last week, and to be perfectly honest, I haven’t had a chance to really dive into it yet. (Singles “Doing It to Death,” “Heart of a Dog,” and “Siberian Nights” have all been solid, though.) Fortunately, I did find time to get into their cover of Rihanna’s “Desperado,” which also dropped this week. I was not a huge fan of ANTI, but “Desperado” was a highlight, and it somehow makes sense to me that The Kills would cover it. Their version strips back what (relatively little) bombast the original had, leaving a bare-bones blues howler. It almost (almost) makes me want to go back and listen to ANTI again. - Matt

Shawn Mendes – “Treat You Better”

This is the first Shawn Mendes song I’ve ever listened to and it’ll probably be the last. If this desperate “get me out of the friend zone” letter disguised as a song doesn’t get Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello to finally date him, nothing well. – Jelani