Beyoncé Sued for Allegedly Copying a Short Film in ‘Lemonade’ Trailer

A Kentucky filmmaker is looking to take down the Queen.

Beyoncé has been sued by Matthew Fulks, who alleges that the singer unlawfully copied “substantial parts” of his original short film, PALINOIA, in the visual trailer for LEMONADE.

According to a statement obtained by E! News, Fulks claims that he began filming his own piece in January 2014 and completed it six months later. He says that he was later in contact via “a series of emails” connecting his film with Bryan Younce, Senior Vice President of Video and Content Production at Columbia, who worked with Beyoncé on her self-titled album in 2013.

Fulks claims that he was contacted by manager Chris Thomas to produce a video for MS MR, a duo also signed to Columbia, who forwarded the content to their manager, Brian Beck, who then sent this material to Younce. Younce followed up with Fulks at the end of the month and encouraged him to “submit additional storyboards and a development plan for consideration by Columbia.” The on-record communication ended there, five months before the filming for LEMONADE ‘s trailer allegedly began.

Fulk cites that his “aesthetic decisions” were “parroted” in Beyoncé’s film, including graffiti, title screens, and the use of parking garages in his lawsuit. He also claims the use of voiceover poetry as another similarity between their works.

CREDIT: From court documents, via E! News

He requests a trial by jury and that Beyoncé and her camp provide “any and all profits derived from and attributable to their exploitation of PALINOIA including profits from the sales of the LEMONADE Album in all media, from all sources, worldwide.”

CREDIT: From court documents, via E! News

Watch Fulk’s film on YouTube, below.

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