Celine Dion Is Launching Her Own Lifestyle Brand

Prepare to live like a living legend.

Celine Dion is moving forward with the next chapter of her life following the passing of her husband René Angelil with a completely new venture. The singer just announced plans to launch a lifestyle brand with the licensing firm Epic Rights that it set to include beauty products, home goods, and athletic wear among other things.

“In today’s world, you need a coordinating and consistent branded approach to everything,” Dell Furano, CEO of Epic Rights, revealed to Billboard. “On a global level, [artists] need to combine all areas — their music, performances, touring, website, social media — and launching a lifestyle brand was just a natural extension for Celine at this point in her career, particularly because it’s all from her point of view.”

But don’t head out to the store just yet, the soon-to-be-named brand is not set to launch until late 2017 with plans to introduce new products over the next three years.