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There’s now an easier way to get into Broadway’s hottest show.

Hamilton producers are changing its ticketing structure to combat scalping. In an attempt to reduce the amount of tickets being resold online, they are now increasing prices — making seats in the center orchestra Broadway’s most expensive ticket at $849 — while doubling the number of inexpensive seats available through its same-day lottery system.

Starting in January 2017, Hamilton will set aside 46 seats for each performance to be won in the daily Ham4Ham drawing at $10 each. Currently, only 21 seats per show are made available by lottery.

By doing so, the producers believe it’ll be easier for the public to get their hands on a ticket while discouraging scalpers to do the same.

“What has certainly been frustrating to me, as a business owner, is to see that my product is being resold at many times its face value and my team isn’t sharing in those profits,” lead producer of Hamilton, Jeffrey Seller, told the New York Times. “It’s not fair.”

“How did I get to $849? By continually monitoring the secondary market and finding out where the average is,” he said of the new price on premium seats. “If I’m at $849, I think we may succeed in taking the motivation out of the scalpers to buy those tickets.”

Hamilton is currently sold out through next January, though some tickets for the following four months are being sold to certain eligible American Express cardholders.

In other words: Good luck and Godspeed.

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