Kourtney Kardashian and Her ‘Long Lost Twin’ Lindsay Lohan Enjoy a Night Out in London

London kalling.

Last night (Jun. 8, 2016), Kourtney Kardashian enjoyed her last night in London, and who better to show Kardashian a good time than London’s unofficial ambassador, Lindsay Lohan. Even though almost no one knew the two even knew each other, they flaunted their friendship with matching social media posts with Kardashian calling Lohan her “long lost twin.”

Lohan echoed Kardashian’s sentiment, calling Kardashian her “twin,” and even referencing her iconic movie Parent Trap.

Later on, the duo pulled the ultimate BFF move when Lohan let Kardashian borrow her outfit to pose for an adorable Instagram Boomerang.

Launch the gallery up top to see Kardashian and Lohan enjoying a night in London.