Orlando Bloom Lifting Weights Outdoors Is All of Us Starting Our Summer Fitness Routines

Orlando Bloom’s face says it all.

Early summer is here. The calendar says June 9th, but our quads feel backdated to December of 2009. Though getting ~summer body~ ready should not be measured by the amount of abs that you can sprout on your torso in one week, it sure feels nice to be able to give proverbial middle fingers to everyone on the beach as you flounce on by wearing nothing but an Ivy Park bodysuit.

Katy Perry’s current BF is working on his upper-body strength, as evidenced by the photos in the gallery at the top of the page. He was spotted working with his personal trailer on Wednesday in Malibu doing whatever exercise it was that caused his face to contort in such a relatable fashion:

CREDIT: Pacific Coast News

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