The Definitive Timeline of Nick Jonas’ Complicated Year

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It has been one complicated year.

Late last night (Jun. 9, 2016), Nick Jonas dropped his second solo album “Last Year Was Complicated.” In honor of the aptly titled album, we decided to have a look back at Nick’s last year and highlight all of his truly complicated moments. From his break up with Olivia Culpo to on/off relationship with Kate Hudson and everything in between.

January 2015

Nick’s year got off to an uncomfortable start when he was asked to play a cringe-worthy game of “Fuck, Marry, or Kill” with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato as his options. Seeing as the singer had already dated Gomez and Cyrus, he opted to marry Lovato. As for his exes he tried to be diplomatic, opting to “lips” Gomez and “leave” Cyrus, but we all know what that really means.

The first month of the year ended on an even more awkward note when his girlfriend at the time Culpo thought he was going to propose to her on live TV. Nick got down on one knee as he serenaded his lady with his hit single “Jealous” at the Miss Universe Pageant and Culpo completely panicked. It is never a good sign when your girlfriend of two years has a mini panic attack at the thought of spending the rest of her life with you.

March 2015

After signing on to be one of the opening acts of Iggy Azalea’s world tour, Nick decided to bow out before the perpetually postponed tour even began.

June 2015

The month got off to a good if not somewhat shady start when Nick replaced Azalea as the headline performer at Pittsburg’s Pride Parade concert. The rapper bowed out of the concert after she came under fire for using homophobic slurs.

Just a few days later, Nick and Culpo announced they’d called it quits on their two-year relationship. Both Nick and Culpo admitted the breakup was tough but didn’t reveal the reason behind the demise of the relationship.

July 2016

Soon after his breakup with Culpo, Nick’s brother Joe Jonas began dating model Gigi Hadid, which seems totally unrelated until you remember Nick once dated Hadid back during his Disney days.

August 2015

Nick shuts down rumors he and Kendall Jenner are dating, “We’re not dating,” he said. “Kendall is great and naturally with her being good friends with Gigi and with Joe and Gigi dating, there are times we’ll be in the same place and we all hangout.”

September 2015 

Lovato stays mum on the new rumors Nick has rekindled his romance with Gomez saying, “I’m Switzerland! I have no opinion on that! Listen, if I have an opinion on something, I’m gonna say it…I honestly don’t have an opinion. I want him to be happy. I definitely want him to be happy.”

Shortly after being linked to his ex, Nick  J is linked to a new woman, Hudson, and thus the Hudson/Jonas saga begins.

October 2015

Nick replaces Adam Lambert on Lovato’s upcoming tour and is forced to shut down rumors of “beef” between him and Lambert.

January 2016

After laying low for a few months, Nick and Hudson are spotted on vacation together at Mammoth Mountain ski resort in central Cali.

February 2016

Nick and Hudson send out mixed messages about their alleged relationship. While Nick insists he is single and ready to date, Hudson gushes over their “beautiful connection” and calls the singer a “great guy.”

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