That Time Jennifer Lopez Was Told to Lose Weight

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It’s hard to believe that someone once didn’t like Jennifer Lopez‘s signature booty.

According to the “Ain’t Your Mama” singer, she was pressured to lose weight early on in her career. While speaking at a Shades of Blue event for NBC on Thursday (June 9, 2016), the 46-year-old revealed she was body-shamed by a former manager for not being skinny enough.

“They kept telling me to lose weight,” she remembered, according toE! News. “And I was a dancer and I was athletic and even my manager at the time, who I no longer work with, um, was telling me, ‘You need to lose weight. You need to be thinner.'”

“I was like, ‘No I don’t. If I lose any more weight it won’t be me.’ You know what I mean?'” Lopez continued, adding that it was “definitely a fight” to keep her curvy figure. “At the end of the day, I was just trying to be myself without trying to fit into a mold of what everybody else should be.”

Lopez also noted that it’s refreshing to see that Hollywood has started to change its standard of beauty.

“It’s a different time now you know, which is awesome to see for me where it is about our differences. It’s about all the diversity,” she said. “It’s just a more accepting time of everything whether it’s body type or race or gender. We’ve come a long way.”

Yes, indeed!