Nick Jonas and Shay Mitchell Share a Steamy Shower Scene in the Music Video for ‘Under You’  

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Nick Jonas and Shay Mitchell Heat Things Up in the Music Video for 'Under You'
CREDIT: Nick Jonas/Tidal

The singer just dropped his sexiest video yet!

Nick Jonas has released the new music video for his track “Under You” featuring a shower scene for the books! But the crooner couldn’t do it alone. Pretty Little Liars starlet Shay Mitchell and the youngest Jonas have some serious on-screen chemistry.

The video starts out with a lavish home in shambles; there’s broken glass and overturned furniture everywhere. Mitchell sadly lounges in bed, showing off every enviable asset.

Shay Mitchell Lounges in 'Under You' Music Video
CREDIT: Nick Jonas/Tidal

Meanwhile, the singer performs in a tuxedo, often looking out a rainy window, because this is a bluesy pop track.

When they finally unite, they decide to make up with a shower in various states of undress. All the skin and decadent destruction certainly work with the jam’s seriously sensual tone.

Tidal subscribers can check out the full video. Sadly, the rest of us must make do with this 30-second teaser.