Here’s What Critics Are Saying About ‘The Conjuring 2’ 

 Out This Weekend: ‘The Conjuring 2’
Here’s all the info on this spooky new sequel.

Thinking about seeing this new horror flick? Take a look at the reviews first.

This weekend, The Conjuring 2 scares its way into theaters with a new case for supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, respectively). The trailers and promotional images tease creepy children’s toys (as always), a truly terrifying nun, and a young girl in the grips of demonic possession. But is it worth seeing opening weekend?

Here’s what the critics think…

“Wan has a gift that most slam-bang horror directors today do not: a sense of the audience – of their rhythm and pulse, of how to manipulate a moment so that he’s practically controlling your breathing.”

-Owen Gleiberman [Variety]

“This isn’t just a good horror film. It’s a good film, which just happens to fall in the horror genre.”

-Peter Hartlaub [San Francisco Chronicle]

“It’s just a shame the end of the movie wasn’t lurking around the corner far sooner than when it finally turned up, by which time a considerable amount of my emotional investment in the film had been exhausted.”

-Richard Roeper [Chicago Sun-Times]

“Frightening rarely strikes twice in the same place, despite the efforts of so many horror sequels, but even if The Conjuring 2 doesn’t deliver the delightful jolts of its predecessor, it maintains a consistent chill throughout.”

-Alonso Duralde [TheWrap]

The Conjuring 2 does everything you want a sequel to do. It’s as well made as the original, but the location and the story are different enough that it’s not just the same thing all over again.”

-Neil Genzlinger [New York Times]

“Hey! It’s Great Moments in Haunted House Movies, collected in a double album set called The Conjuring 2.”

-Soren Anderson [Seattle Times]