This Is What Iggy Azalea Wanted for Her Birthday – But She Didn’t Get It! 

Azealia Banks on Iggy Azalea: She's a 'Condescending White Bitch'
Another day, another spat between Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea.

The “Fancy” rapper made no bones about her request!

This week, Iggy Azalea celebrated her birthday, which inspired us to remind you of all her best feuds. And although she may be a world-famous rapper, even she doesn’t always get everything she wants.

On June 5, two days before her big day, the rapstress tweeted out this simple, yet extravagant request: “All I want for my birthday is a dinosaur fossil.”

Did she get her special wish? Well, today, three days after her birthday, Azalea blasted out another simple tweet.

According to Gizmodo, someone is currently selling 45% of a T. Rex skeleton for $2.39 million! And when it comes to dinosaur bones, they tend to try and keep skeletons together. So, as sad as it is that she didn’t get her wish, it was a pretty lofty request!

And let’s remember, there’s always next year!