30 Mary-Kate and Ashley On-Screen Fashion Moments Ranked for Their 30th Birthday

We’ll take thirty more years of tinted lenses, thanks.

Ranking Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s top sartorial moments from their mammoth video collection makes you appreciate the parental notion of “we love you all equally.” Nothing they ever wore was wrong; their handle on personal style — even in the awkward adolescent years (Billboard Dad) — was just as firm as it was at the age of ten, and the statements that spoke through them were messages that their fans needed to hear in developing a sense of self.

Be you, have fun, and wear as many feather boas as your heart desires.

In honor of the twins’ 30th birthday today, we ranked thirty of their best fashion moments from onscreen appearances in all of their original films based on accessibility and the impact that it had on mainstream trends. Launch the gallery at the top of the page to count them down with us, one-by-one, in celebration of the duo that taught us how to dress.

Two consummate hostesses once proclaimed, “We’re calling everyone, we’re putting out the welcome mat. I got the tunes, I got the food, we got the party hats. We got everything we could ever need. A real good time (yeah!) is guaranteed.”