‘Games of Thrones’ Recap: Arya Stark’s Fate Is Revealed

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Has Arya succumbed to her stab wounds? Read on! [SPOILERS AHEAD].

Last we saw Arya, she’d been stabbed fairly aggressively by Waif, and even though she managed to escape, Arya was still walking through the streets of Braavos bleeding pretty badly. In Sunday’s night episode of Game of Thrones, titled “No One,” she’s still alive, but she needs help.

As suspected, Arya makes it to Lady Crane’s dressing room, and the actress helps her. Guess Arya’s wounds looked a little more serious than they were because the Lady is able to stitch her up nicely. Arya asks what happened to the younger actress who tried to have her killed, and Crane says she’ll have trouble finding work as an actress after what she did to her face. Eeek. Crane then asks Arya to join the troupe, but the young Stark says no, that’s she needs to go west and that she’s too dangerous to be around.

Well, that part is certainly true because guess who shows up to finish what Arya couldn’t do? That’s right, Waif. She dispatched Lady Crane in an instant, just as Arya jumps out of bed. Waif tells her the Many-Face Gods needed Crane’s name – and they need Arya’s, too. Waif runs after Arya, who escapes through the window. The chase is on through the streets, and Arya tumbles just a little too hard, opening up her stitches. Bleeding, she keeps running and leads Waif to her hideout under the bridge. Waif stride confidently in, just as Arya pulls Needle out from under her cot. “That’s not going to do you any good,” sneers Waif. But then Arya closes her eyes, and cuts off the top of the candle with the blade, rendering it pitch black.

Cut to Jaqen walking through Hall of Faces when he sees a puddle of blood. He follows the trail and sees, in a compartment with the other faces, Waif’s severed head – with her eyes cut out. Arya steps up behind him. “You sent her to kill me,” says Arya. Jaqen nods, “Yes, but here you are… and now the girl is no one.” Arya corrects him, “The girl’s name is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.” Boom! She’s coming back, and boy will Sansa be glad to have her on their side.

Here’s what else happened:


— The Hound finds four guys from the Brotherhood and makes mince meat of them with the axe. Yeah, he’s not messing around. Then he comes up on Dondarrion and more Brotherhood, who are about to hang the real culprits behind killing Brother Ray and his followers. Hound wants blood big time, so Dondarrion allows him to kill two of the seven. But he has to hang them. He can’t chop them up. Hound is not pleased with that, but okay, whatever. Then, as one of them is chocking, Hound takes his boots. This guy is tough, man. Dondarrion wants Hound to join them, but Hound’s been there, done that. Still, Hound knows things are changing, and as Dondarrion says “the winds of the North are rising.” It might be time for Hound to fight for a good cause and not just himself. Oh, he and Arya are totally going to reunite, and we can’t WAIT to see that.

— In Mereen, the Lord of Light followers are spreading the word of how great Daenerys is. Tyrion is pleased, but he’s going to miss Lord Varys, who goes off on a mission to find “friends” and “ships.” Back in the temple, Tyrion gets Greyworm and Missandei to drink some wine with him. The two most stoic people left to amuse Tyrion, so he tells a joke – and they don’t get it. Then Missandei tells one and they start to loosen up – even Greyworm. But it’s all for naught as the bells ring, and they see enemy ships heading into Mereen’s bay. “The masters are coming for their property,” intones Missandei. They attack the city instead of honoring the deal they made with Tyrion. As the temple is being bombarded by fireballs, Tyrion, Greyworm and Missandei prepare to fight. The door opens – and in comes Dany, with a silhouette of her dragon in the background. [Cue the trumpets].


— In King’s Landing, members of the Faith Militant have been permitted into the Red Keep, allowed by Tommen. Cersei reluctantly greets them. Of course it’s her cousin Lancel, who tells her the High Sparrow has ordered her to come see him. She refuses, and Lancel says that’s ill-advised and it might get violent. “I choose violence,” Cersei says calmly, because, you know, she’s got the Mountain right there by her side. And like his brother, he makes mince meat of one of those little shits. Later, Cersei shows up to the Throne Room for an announcement she didn’t know about – and is refused her place next to her son. Tommen announces that his mother’s trial will be coming up AND he bans trial by combat throughout the Seven Kingdoms, which means Cersei will not be allowed to rely on the Mountain.

— Brienne and Podrick show up to Riverrun – and see Jamie Lannister’s army is already there. She requests to speak with Jamie, who hears what she’s been up to and is surprised Sansa is still alive. Brienne has a plan – if she can talk Blackfish into giving up the castle to Jamie, then Jamie will allow safe passage to Blackfish and the Tully army to fight for Winterfell. Jamie says he’ll honor it, but good luck because Blackfish is stubborn. She tries to give Jamie back the sword, but he tells her to keep it. She also says if he goes back on his word, she will fight him.


Of course, Blackfish will have none of it. He’s touched that Sansa is much like her mother, but he’s not giving up Riverrun. Jamie will have to take it the hard way. Damn, thought that might work. Jamie goes to see Edmure, who is still his prisoner. Edmure loathes Jamie for all he has done to his family. “How do you tell yourself you’re decent after everything you’ve done?” Jamie says he admired his sister, Catelyn, just as much as Cersei. Then he gets in close and tells Edmure that he loves Cersei, and wants only to be with her. But he can’t return until he gets Riverrun back, so if he has to slaughter every Tully to do that, he will.

Next we see Edmure, who goes to the castle’s gate and demands entrance. Since he is technically the lord of Riverrun, the captain of the army must obey. Blackfish tells them to stand down because it’s a trap, but the men must obey Edmure because he’s the rightful lord. They let Edmure in and he commands the army to lay down their arms and let the Lannister army in.

Blackfish takes Brienne and Podrick to the river for them to escape. She begs him to come with her, but he’s going to stay and fight – one last time. Just as news of Blackfish’s death is delivered to Jamie, he sees Brienne and Podrick escaping by boat. Brienne turns and sees Jamie, who holds up his hand. She holds up hers in return, as they row away. No question, Jamie has a lot of respect for Brienne.

Now, judging from the previews next week, it looks like the battle for Winterfell will begin. Hold onto your hats!