Lady Gaga, Allison Williams Share Resources to Help Victims of the Orlando Shooting

Time to put thoughts into action.

Following the mass shooting that occurred at Pulse nightclub on Sunday, June 12, celebrities including Gabrielle Union and Kris Jenner rallied to show their support for the victims, their families, and the LGBT community on their social media accounts. The Tony Awards were dedicated to those affected on the same evening, inspiring a loud message that “love is love” in the effort to drown out overwhelming tones of hatred with one of acceptance.

Now, moving forward, notable figures in the media are eager to outreach a helping hand by putting their thoughts of goodwill into action by directly contacting those in need through acts of charity. Allison Williams and Lady Gaga are among those who have provided resources on how to do so through their public platforms, and the best news is that you don’t need their salary to make a difference.

Williams provided four methods of outreach through one post (via CNN) on Instagram:

Per Williams’ suggestions, click here to find a local Red Cross where you can donate blood, donate to Orlando hospitals here, and reach out to Pulse night club here. Support the Human Rights Campaign and the LGBTQ community through their website [here],

Lady Gaga also tweeted out a link to the GoFundMe page created by civil rights organization, Equality Florida, that will deploy funds to the victims of the shooting.

You can also donate to help cover victims’ medical and funeral costs through LGBTQ advocacy nonprofit Planting Peace [here], to a relief fund that supports the families and brings awareness to gun safety [here], and to the GLBT Community Center that’s running an emergency hotline and grief counseling [here].

Local vigils can be found at, and reach out to any of the hotlines below if you are in need of support during this trying time.

We will continue to update the list of victims as they are identified by authorities, via the City of Orlando.

For more resources and ways to help, visit The Huffington Post or The FADER