Kerry Washington to Victims of Domestic Violence: ‘There Is a Way Out’ 

The TV star is standing up for women trapped in abusive relationships.

Kerry Washington is taking a stand against domestic violence. The Scandal actress is teaming up with the Purple Purse campaign, sponsored by the Allstate Foundation, to launch #FreetoWalk, an initiative designed to help women in abusive situations find the courage to leave.

“The most important thing to know is there is a way out,” Washington told CNN. “That there is a way to learn how to become financially self-supporting and take care of yourself so that you can make decisions for yourself that are empowering.”

Today (June 14, 2016), Washington is visiting the White House to meet with First Lady Michelle Obama to discuss domestic violence and financial abuse.

The actress will also be speaking at the United States of Women summit during her visit to the capitol. Financial independence is a focus of the summit as it’s the number reason people stay in abusive relationships.

“I have known more than one person [that was] the victim of domestic abuse,” Washington said. “The reality is most of us have … whether that’s in the public eye or someone close to us.”

If you’d like to donate to the important cause, head over to