Tuesday Ten: Khloé Kardashian’s 10 Favorite Beauty Products

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What’s Khloé Kardashian’s beauty secret? Apparently, this.

When it comes to getting dolled up, the reality star knows a thing or two about what products work and what doesn’t. After all, this Kardashian has spent years working with the best makeup artists and hairstylists in the industry!

We’ve done a little digging on her app and found what in the beauty world Kardashian has been currently coveting. From her go-to for eyebrows on fleek to a makeup brush that on her “lust list,” here 10 beauty products KoKo swears by!

Khloe Kardashian's Favorite Beauty Products makeup

1. St. Tropez In-Shower Gradual Tan, $25 $22.50. “I am naturally fair so I get regular spray tans. For my normal day-to-day, though, I use the St. Tropez In-Shower Gradual Tan,” she writes. “Instead of waiting hours for my tan to develop, I put it on in the shower and wait three minutes before washing it off. There’s no weird smell and I don’t have to worry about my sheets.”

2. Cle de Peau Beaute Hand Cream, $75. Albeit a little pricey, Kardashian calls this one her “workhorse product” because it does double duty to softens her skin while protecting her hands from harmful UV rays. “I’m really fair, so I need to make sure I’m slathering the SPF all day, erryday!” she says. “It moisturizes and has SPF 18.”

3. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, $31. “I hate being oily, so I do lots of sh*t to my face to make my pores look smaller! I love this charcoal mask from Origins because it makes my skin look extra smooth,” she says, adding that she uses it whenever her “skin is getting bumpy” or after a few days of wearing heavy makeup. “Not only does it dissolve and suck out the dirt from my pores, it’s not drying like many other charcoal-based masks.”

4. NARS Lipstick in Shrinagar, $28. Though she’s a sucker for a Tom Ford lipstick, Kardashian relies on this shade from NARS after the Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Drake was discontinued. “NARS Lipstick in Shrinagar is what I use now to get that deep berry color,” she notes.

5. Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream, $17. For “strong-ass nails,” Kardashian reaches for this nourishing formula. “This cream from Barielle is so crazy because it was originally made for horse hooves. No wonder it works so well to strengthen my weak nails,” she says. “You’re supposed to use this two times a day, but I use it more. I keep a jar in my car, in my bathroom and even in my gym bag.”

6. Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, $36.99. Since she’s constantly in stilettos, KoKo likes to keep her feet in tip-top, red carpet-ready shape. “Having dry heels is the WORST and trying to get them smooth is an annoying part of loving high heels!!!” she writes. “I don’t need a pumice stone anymore. This motorized exfoliator gets the job done with minimal effort on my part.”

7. Artis Oval 10 Brush, $75. “It might look like a fancy hairbrush, but I promise this Artis makeup brush is my way to getting flawless skin,” she pens on her blog. “The bristles are super packed and soft, so when I use it to blend out my foundation or powder, my makeup looks airbrushed.” The Oval 10 Brush is said to be Kardashian’s favorite for the face and décolletage.

8. Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Radiant Lights, $6. Not al of Koko’s faves cost an arm and a leg! Kardashian recommends getting this budget-friendly highlighter for cheekbones “so sharp they could cut a bitch.”

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, $18 $16.20. Kardashian uses this product to fill her eyebrows because it “looks so natural.” She likes finishing off the look with with the Brow Wiz Pencil and Brow Gel from the brand.

10. Rohto Redness Relief Arctic Eye Drops, $7.98. “I found these Rohto Arctic Cooling Lubricant eyedrops in Rob’s room a couple years ago and just decided to try them because I get really bad allergies! OMG, life-changer,” she gushes. “These drops are SO good. I know it’s such a random thing to be obsessed with, but I promise you, they get rid of any redness and they literally make your eyes feel ice cold.” Apparently, you can also use them to temporarily relieve redness from a pimple.

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