Here’s a Bunch of Photos of Prince Harry Looking Charming as Hell in a Top Hat  

Top hat game strong.

Today (June 14, 2016), Prince Harry joined his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, for a carriage ride to the opening day of the Royal Ascot, a historic series of horse races. But no carriage ride is complete without the right duds, and this time the prince killed. Not only was he decked out in a three-piece suit complete with a navy blue waistcoat and a baby blue tie, Harry also wore a top hat.

Over the course of history, long-forgotten fashion staples experienced a resurgence when the right individual came along to be the torchbearer of a renaissance. It was true with Justin Bieber and his studded ball cap. And who can forget Kanye West single-handedly making metal face-masks popular again! But in all seriousness, top hats need to come back and Prince Harry needs to lead this trend out of the shadows. Top hats for everyone, not just steam-punk enthusiasts!

Check out all the well-hatted amazingness in the gallery above.