Charlie Sheen Is Now a Condom Spokesperson 

Charlie Sheen Subject of LAPD Criminal Investigation for Threats Made Against Ex-Fiancee
For threats he allegedly made against his ex-fiancee, actor Charlie Sheen has become the subject of an investigation.

Once he was famous for his debauchery; now the actor is an advocate for safe sex.

Charlie Sheen has had a truly unique journey. First, he made a name for himself as a likable leading man in films like Platoon and Wall Street and then later on the TV show Two and a Half Men. Then, in 2011, an infamous 20/20 interview aired exposing the actor’s drug use and wild sex life. Last fall the actor revealed that he is HIV-positive. Now, the 50-year-old actor is turning yet another corner – he’s taking on the role of condom spokesperson.

This week, Sheen took the stage at a party in Midtown Manhattan to introduce HEX, a new prophylactic from Swedish sex toy brand LELO.

“It’s stuff people don’t want to talk about, and I figured: ‘If I’m involved, maybe they’ll talk about it,’” Sheen told People this week. “This is a way to prevent a lot of shit from happening, from disease to unwanted pregnancies. But it’s still taboo for some reason.”

Charlie Sheen Speaking at the Launch of HEX

Sheen also discussed the troubling conversations he’s had with other people who are HIV-positive, stating they often struggle to determine how they contracted the virus. He then reinforced the idea that safe sex is one of the few ways to prevent infection.

“If you ask most people that have H.I.V., ‘How did you get it?’ nobody really knows. I mean, I’m sure there’s a select few that do. But you can never really pinpoint the moment,” he said. Adding, “You spend five seconds putting [a condom] on, and you prevent a lifetime of stress, potentially.”

And although this new career opportunity — serving as a cautionary tale for contraceptives — might seem dark and difficult, Sheen says this is how he’s always lived and worked.

“I’ve usually made lemonade out of lemons,” he said with a chuckle. “So this is another example of that.”