Just Trailers: New ‘Pete’s Dragon,’ ‘Ben-Hur’ and More! 

Take a peek at all the latest trailers!

It’s hard to keep up with all the new shows and movies out there, that’s why trailers are so perfect! You can check them out and decide what’s worth seeing and what you’ll probably be okay skipping. There’s new trailers for HBO’s Vice Principals, Pete’s Dragon, Ben-Hur and a new indie film!


Jack Huston stars in this remake of the classic film about a nobleman falsely accused of an assassination during the time of the Roman Empire. His only chance to get revenge is in the violent chariot races. You’re already imagining chariots smashing into each other, aren’t you?

Ben-Hur arrives August 12, 2016.

Vice Principals

Danny McBride heads up this wild new comedy about a high school school administrator passed over for the coveted job of principal, meaning he’s one of those angry vice principals. The trailer offers a smorgasbord of hijinks including McBride firing ancient pistols, a herd of goats loose in a hallway, and co-star Walton Goggins destroying a painting. You know, just your average high school.

Vice Principals premieres July 17, 2016. 


Set in the Bay Area, this coming-of-age story centers on a 15-year-old boy who dreams of owning a new pair of top-of-the-line sneakers, believing they will turn his life around. But when finally gets his wish, his new shoes make him a target, setting in motion a dangerous series of events.

Kicks is slated for a Sept. 9, 2016 release date. 

Pete’s Dragon

Disney just released a new trailer for this live-action remake about a young boy’s friendship with a big furry dragon named Elliott in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. These new visuals hint at the humans who fear the fantastical woodland creature and seek to destroy it. As you can guess, this means his young friend must find a way to save him. The film stars Oakes Fegley, Bryce Dallas Howard, Karl Urban, Robert Redford and more.

Pete’s Dragon bows on August 12, 2016.