Christina Grimmie’s Killer Changed His Appearance in Hopes of Winning Her Affection 

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'The Voice' Singer Christina Grimmie Dies After Being Shot at Orlando Concert
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Chilling new details have emerged concerning the pop star’s killer.

Christina Grimmie lost her life in a tragic murder-suicide after a concert in Orlando on Friday (June 10, 2016). Now, people who knew her killer have offered some terrifying insights.

According to sources with TMZ, the rising pop star’s murderer Kevin Loibl was infatuated with her, even getting hair transplants and Lasik eye surgery in an apparent effort to alter his appearance for her. He also took on veganism to lose weight.

Loibl worked at Best Buy where co-workers revealed that he listened to Grimmie’s music and had already gone to one of her concerts in March where he might have met her. Sources who knew him say he vowed Grimmie would someday be his wife.

More troubling still, his co-workers shared that they would remind Loibl that the young singer already had a boyfriend ­– her producer. Their relationship was never publicized but is clearly documented on social media. When they teased him about this, he would reportedly get visibly upset.

These reports paint a sad, terrifying state of mind that culminated in unthinkable violence last week.