WATCH: Kevin Hart and James Corden Go Toe-to-Toe in Rap Battle

Kevin Hart's Home Was Robbed
$500K in jewelry and clothing. Ouch

Only because “eye-to-eye” would require a stepstool.

It was a battle of short and British jokes between Kevin Hart and James Corden on The Late Late Show in another round of “Drop the Mic”. Corden surmised that Hart’s weed tolerance is equivalent to that of a fourth grader, and Hart confused Corden for another English actor, Ricky Gervais. But the real heavy hits came midway through their dual when Corden advised Hart to “delete your account,” a la Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

The recently-robbed comedian swung back with the verse, “You know what rhymes with James Corden? Late night boredom. He’s not important.”


Watch their session of “Drop the Mic” in the player below.