‘Wicked’ Movie Finally Gets a Release Date! 

Lin-Manuel Miranda Confirms 'Hamilton' Exit, Will Film with Original Cast
As if there weren't enough reasons for you to see Hamilton already!

And it only took 15 years!

It’s official! Wicked, the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical is getting a film adaptation. Today, Universal announced that the film will ride a broomstick into theaters on Dec. 19, 2019.

The musical’s journey from stage to screen has been filled with false starts, with numerous talented directors like J.J. AbramsBrett Ratner and Stephen Daldry coming and going. Perhaps the reason this project, like most musical adaptations, takes so long to come to fruition can best be explained by Lin-Manuel Miranda who told Rolling Stone why a Hamilton film adaptation is not happening anytime soon. Sigh.

“Someday. Probably not for, like, 20 years,” he said, estimating the arrival of a Hamilton adaptation. “Like, I thought Les Miz was a really strong adaptation. I thought Chicago was one of the best adaptations. Cabaret, which took that show, a great show, and made it into a film that could never have existed in the theater. Like, you couldn’t do that film onstage. So someone’s going to have to have the brilliant idea of how to make this into a film on its own terms.”

So, in the next three years, let’s hope they can find a way to make Wicked defy gravity on the big screen. Can. Not. Wait.