Brooke Shields’ Stalker Sentenced to 60 Days in Jail

Gwyneth Paltrow's Alleged Stalker Found Not Guilty
The stalker who has been harassing Gwyneth Paltrow since 1999 is a free man.

The man that has terrorized Brooke Shields for more than a decade will only be locked away for two months.

Judge Kevin McGrath, who presided over the nonjury trial in Manhattan Criminal Court, found John Rinaldi guilty of stalking, harassment, and a misdemeanor. Rinaldi was also sentenced to keep away from Shields, her family, and her home.

During the one-week trial, Shields, 51, took the stand and accused Rinaldi hanging around her house. She also claimed the 49-year-old started harassing her children by dropping off a box of stuffed animals and presenting her 13-year-old daughter with a silver picture frame.

The actress said the last straw was when Rinaldi, who’s been popping up wherever Shields was since 2003, showed up to her townhouse on May 5, 2015. She found his car parked in front of her home with her name was written in the dirt of the window.

“It was a copy of my signature and I said, ‘This is beyond disturbing and creepy,’” she said, adding that she discovered Rinaldi rustling inside the vehicle when she returned later that night.

Shields’ husband, Chris Henchy, also took the stand and testified Rinaldi had sent a long email to Shields’ publicist that referenced actress Rebecca Schaeffer, who had been murdered by her stalker in 1989. Behind tears, he said the “analogy was extremely disturbing” to hear.

Rinaldi’s attorney argued that his client meant no harm and was only put on trial because Shields is a celebrity.

“We’re here because she is famous and Mr. Rinaldi had the audacity to try to be a friendly neighbor,” he said. “Because this case involves a celebrity this case didn’t disappear in the way that it should have. Because of her it feels a bit different than an ordinary case. There’s been press; there’s been buzz. This is a case that was sort of made in Hollywood.”

Prosecutor Anjelica Gregory argued, “If you apply these facts to an everyday person this case would be terrifying.”