WATCH: Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon Are Awkward Perfection at the Prom 

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Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for the nickname "Baracky with the good hair."


Dwayne Johnson dropped by Jimmy Fallon’s talk show to poke some fun at awkward bros who can’t get a dance at the prom in a hilarious new sketch.

The actor and the funnyman wear cheesy tuxes, braces and big, goofy hair while talking a big game about dancing with girls. But when the females walk by, the duo turn into grinning, terrified creeps sputtering compliments.

Finally, they give up on finding dancing partners and bust some synchronized moves together instead. These two are naturally suave, so playing awkward teens was clearly a stretch, but that doesn’t make this clip is any less incredible.

Give it a look above!