Here’s the Biggest O.J. Simpson/Kardashian Coincidence of All Time

The universe works in mysterious ways.

O.J.: Made In America” is mostly Kardashian-free. Unlike a certain scripted series that heavily traded on the reality TV family’s name as a way to attract younger viewers, the five-part ESPN documentary, which concludes on Saturday night, didn’t include interviews with a single Kardashian or Jenner.

It’s a little odd given that Robert Kardashian was, if not a real member of Simpson’s defense team, a longtime friend and confidante. Plus, Simpson tried to shoot himself in Khloé Kardashian’s childhood bedroom.

In an interview in April, director Ezra Edelman told The Huffington Post that Kris Jenner declined to be interviewed for the documentary, which, again, is odd since Jenner has never been shy when it comes to discussing the murders or Simpson. While the Kardashians weren’t directly involved in the film, it does include what might be the greatest pop culture coincidence involving Simpson and the Kardashians ever: Continue reading at Huffington Post…