Amber Rose Voices Her Support for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s Romance

Amber Rose thinks everyone should leave Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston alone.

The model has voiced her support for the rumored new couple during a recent interview with The Daily BeastShe feels like it’s incredibly sexist for people to be judging Swift’s love life and that the singer has every right to move on following her recent breakup with Calvin Harris.

“I feel like guys do that all the time — they break up and the next day they’re with another girl and nobody really says anything,” Rose said. “But with Taylor it’s, you know what, I’m done with Calvin and it didn’t work out, so on to the next.”

“It is because it’s unheard of, and she’s acting very ‘slutty’ and for some reason needs time to ‘let her pussy rest,'” the 32-year-old added. “That’s how people look at it, and it’s just like, hell no! If I’m done, why do I have to sit in the house and be lonely?”

In case you missed it, photos of Swift and Hiddleston kissing were published by The Sun last week, prompting the world to criticize the “Bad Blood” singer’s intentions.