Serena Williams Reveals Dancing in Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Was Harder Than it Looked

Beyoncé‘s Lemonade was chock full of amazing celebrity cameos, but Serena Williams as the ultimate twerk queen in “Sorry,” was by far the most memorable.

Recently, Williams sat down with WSJ Magazine and opened up about how her twerk debut came to fruition and why it wasn’t hard to keep it a secret.

“I’ve known Bey for a long time,” the tennis superstar admitted when asked how she ended up in the visual album. While Williams didn’t spill any details about her friendship with Queen Bey, she admitted that filming Lemonade was a lot harder than it looked, “I got really sore from dancing!”

While Williams’ Lousiana plantation home twerk fest was easily one of the most epic things to happen this year, it turns out, keeping her cameo a secret was no hard task at all. “If you tell me, ‘Don’t say anything,’ I won’t say anything,” she insisted. Fellow tennis champion Caroline Wozniacki corroborated her secret keeping skills, revealing she didn’t know about the cameo until she saw it live with the rest of the world, “she really kept it a secret.”