Here Are the Photos of Tom Hiddleston Posing in His Boxers You’ve Always Wanted

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We’d be happy to call Tom Hiddleston “Mr. Bond” any time, any day.

There are some new (shirtless, swoon worthy) pics of Taylor Swift‘s new man from Magazine, and dare we say they’re a tad more interesting than the ones of Hiddleswift making out on a bunch of rocks in Rhode Island.

The British Thor: Ragnarok actor (who plays Loki in the Marvel franchise) posed in his white boxers for the fashion mag, showing off his gorgeous torso and milky white skin in all its glory:

tom hiddleston shirtless in white boxers for w magazine taylor swift new boyfriend
CREDIT: Mona Kuhn/W Magazine

He leaves nothing to the imagination:

tom hiddleston shirtless in white boxers for w magazine taylor swift new boyfriend
CREDIT: Mona Kuhn/W Magazine

Fine, Taylor. He’s a keeper.

While we all know that Swift recently got out of a year and a half long relationship with DJ Calvin Harris, Hiddleston has remained more or less single and ambiguous, albeit the Internet’s collective bae.

magazine notes:

He was flirtatious, but tight-lipped, when the question was posed in April about his I Saw the Light co-star Elizabeth Olsen in a New York magazine story — “Some things have to remain sacred. You could write that I’m single. There’s no ring on this finger,” he said. He dated Wallander co-star Susannah Fielding for several years before a split that was followed by a series of rumored relationships with Crimson Peak co-star Jessica Chastain; with Sherlock actress Laura Pulver; and with Kat Dennings, who appeared in Thor (though the pair didn’t have any scenes together).

Hiddleston, 35, has also made headlines recently due to rumors that he’s slated to be the next James Bond in the era post-Daniel Craig.

“I’d make a terrible spy, because everybody knows who I am,” Hiddleston tells W. “But Susanne Bier, the director of The Night Manager, said that she thinks I am very enigmatic and good at keeping secrets.”

also points out that Hiddleston knows he’s got sex appeal (obviously, a natural Bond characteristic). In his latest TV series The Night Manager, “a scene featuring his naked behind during a tryst was cut from the series’ broadcast when it came to AMC.” When asked if he was surprised that the scene causes a furor, he responded: “I’m here to tell you that my butt is not dangerous.”

See all the swoon worthy pics of Hiddleston posing for in the gallery above.