Katy Perry Names Her Perfume After a Taylor Swift Lyric

Katy Perry has seemingly reignited her feud with Taylor Swift after naming her latest fragrance after her nemesis song about their tumultuous relationship. Called Mad Love, Perry’s newest perfume has fans believing that it’s a direct reference to Swift’s “Bad Blood” lyrics.

“‘Cause baby, now we got bad blood / You know it used to be mad love,” Swift sings, referencing to her fallout with unnamed artist — believed to be Perry — after one allegedly tried to sabotage the other’s tour.

katy perry made love
CREDIT: Kohl's

However, the Mad Love moniker could also just be a coincidence as Perry’s 2015 scent is named Mad Potion. The “Roar” crooner’s latest fragrance is said to be a spin-off of the popular perfume.

Regardless of whatever the shady meaning it may or may not hold, it seems the only thing Perry, 31, and Swift, 26, can agree upon is their work. Earlier this year, Perry extended an invitation to Swift to attend her super exclusive Grammys party dedicated to honoring musicians. Recently, Swift signed a petition Perry is also backing that urges Congress to make amendments to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that will allow artists to be properly compensated.