Here’s What Khloé Kardashian Uses to Keep Her Makeup in Place

Khloé Kardashian's 10 Favorite Beauty Products
What's Khloé Kardashian's beauty secret? Apparently, THIS.

Khloé Kardashian is breaking down her skincare essentials.

With summer in full swing, the reality star is teaching fans how to stay protected from the sun while looking oh-so fab during the hotter months. According to Kardashian, her secret to keeping her makeup in place only takes a handful of products.

“There’s nothing cute about looking like a sweaty mess during summer!!!” she writes on her app, adding that her beauty routine only takes five easy steps.

Here’s how you can prevent you makeup from melting off in the sun — courtesy of KoKo!


Even before putting on your foundation primer, Kardashian advises to apply on a layer of sunscreen — such as Fresh Sugar Sport Sunscreen in SPF 30 — to protect your face from harmful UV rays.

“This sunscreen stick from Fresh is water-resistant, which means your makeup won’t run, even if you sweat,” she says.


To reduce shine, prep your skin with a mattifying primer like Hylamide HA Blur Finisher.

She writes, “Primer is a MUST. This formula from Hylamide is awesome—it will make your skin look sooo smooth and keep your matte foundation in place.”


Instead of foundation, Kardashian recommends using a tinted cream for coverage. Though she does reach for high-end products from time to time, she likes the Rimmel London Perfect BB Cream Matte as a budget-friendly drugstore alternative.

She says, “It’s a good idea to skip thick foundation formulas in the summer and use something lighter—like a BB cream—instead. This one is a super-matte formula with extra SPF to boot!”


After applying your makeup, Kardashian says it’s “🔑” to set it with a waterproof spray like the Bairly Sheer Spray-On Waterproof Makeup Sealant.

“It instantly waterproofs whatever makeup you’re already wearing, so nothing budges,” she quips. “Genius.”


Kardashian carries blotting sheets like Sephora Collection Blotting Papers in her purse to keep from looking oily throughout the day.

“Use blotting papers to blot away the shine. I carry oil blotting sheets with me everywhere, just in case!” she says.

For a more eco-friendly product, Kardashian previously noted in another post that the beautyblender Blotterazzi sponge does the trick as well.